Project: Office Relocation – Part Two

Our office spaces have been successfully relocated to our bedroom. We are very happy with the end result of our new set up. We were a little worried that our bedroom might feel too crowed after adding all this extra furniture, but it doesn’t feel that way at all.

As soon as Part 1 of the office project was finished, Jesse couldn’t wait to get our brand new desks put together. Although our old desks had been working out alright, they were anything but ideal.  Even though I still love my old desk, and we’re still keeping it, it was never meant to be a computer desk. It was very awkward to use as a computer desk and I never had enough space to work. Jesse’s old desk had been taken apart and put back together so many times in our attempts to make it more functional and efficient. So… these desks were very much needed.

Jesse’s original plan for that morning was to get some work done and then spend the rest of the day assembling the desks. I guess he just couldn’t wait that long. Every time I came into the room he had one hand on his phone checking and responding to emails while the other hand used the screwdriver. What a multi-tasker!

Jesse multi-taskingJesse finishing the desks

Our bed used to be against the wall where the desks are now. We moved it to the window wall and even though it’s not ideal to be partially blocking the windows, I really like the new layout.

New bedroom layout

We both have plenty of space to stretch out whatever we’re working on at our new desks. We got matching desks with a coordinating file cabinet. The original goal was to try to match the desk color to the color of the rest of the bedroom furniture. That didn’t really work out. The color seemed like it would be much closer in the store, but it was completely different when we brought it home. Oh well.

New office layoutMy desk spaceJesse's desk space

The picture hanging turned out to be the most difficult part of the whole project. We had to argue over what should be allowed to hang over the desks. I had planned on putting back the pictures that used to be hanging over our bed when it was on that wall. However, Jesse claimed there was no way he could get work done with flowers over his work space. He wanted to randomly put whatever pictures and posters he wanted on his side. I’m sorry… when did random picture hanging get added to my dictionary? No, not when the office is part of our bedroom. We came to a compromise and it was all water under the bridge after I laughed my head off at the way Jesse was standing to hang the pictures. He insisted this was the easiest way to do it even though I tried to tell him it would be easier to stand on the ground.

Jesse hanging pictures

My best idea was to print out our logo to hang in the middle of our “office.” Jesse really likes that touch.

PMG logo

Now that it’s all said and done I have one very happy coworker who was eager to get back to work.

Finished officeHappy working Jesse