Weekends are so much nicer than they used to be when I had to go to work. Sounds backwards because we would always be looking forward to the next weekend, but now we actually have so much more time and energy to enjoy our weekends. We get recharged and re-energized over the weekends. We are able to start each week being motivated about what we want to accomplish instead of dreading yet another Monday.

Before I began working at home with Jesse, nothing got done around the house during the week. So weekends were filled with chores, grocery shopping, and errands that needed to get done. Now I usually have time to get most of that kind of stuff done during the week which leaves weekends open for fun stuff. It makes me realize how lucky I am that we are able to have the lifestyle that we do.

One of the blogs that I enjoy reading is called Enjoying the Small Things. The name of her blog pretty much explains what she blogs about. She is always talking about how her family can be doing nothing, yet it is so very something. I feel like we moved a little closer to that idea this weekend. Even though we didn’t go anywhere or do anything fabulous, which would have been great also, we did enjoy time together just relaxing. We really needed some relaxing nothingness after how busy we have been lately.

Movie watching

This weekend we just stayed home… and it was good! On Saturday I made a big mess baking in the kitchen while Jesse took a much needed nap. We did a lot of catching up on our TV shows, watching movies, and playing games. Good weekend, now back to getting our stuff done.