Wedding Memories: The Flowers

Thursday will be our four-year wedding anniversary! As we remember our fabulous day, I thought I would share some of our wedding memories with you. This is part two of my wedding memories.

One of the first things I remember choosing for our wedding was my bouquet. Again, I really didn’t know what I wanted and felt overwhelmed when we first went to the florist. We sat down in the back with a couple huge books of different flower arrangements they could make. I knew the bouquet I wanted the second I saw it. I thought it was so unique and beautiful.

BouquetMe with Ash

Again I was lucky to have Mom’s help to coordinate with the florist to make everything look beautiful, yet simple.

IsleUnity candlesChurchKissing

The church and the reception were decorated perfectly with lots of flowers. The space was filled with lots of color and everything looked beautiful. Picking my bouquet first made the rest of the color choices easier because everything was picked to go along with the color scheme of the bouquet.

OutsideReception roomReception fullDance floor