Virtual Assistant

This week I have my first official virtual assistant assignment. I’ve done just a little bit in the past when I helped someone transfer content from their old site to their new site that Jesse had made. I also helped someone else with editing and formatting on an ebook they were going to sell. Both of those were quick, one-time things. Hopefully now that I am at home full time I will be able to find more of these opportunities.

Virtual assistantThis week one of Jesse’s biggest clients is out on vacation. So he is forwarding all of his office calls to my cell phone. All I have to do is take a message and send him an email so that he can get back to them after vacation. He also gave me a list of his super important clients and instructions to call him if they call so that he can call them back right away. It’s super easy, but it’s a good start that will give me just a little experience. The best part is that I can go about my day like normal as long as I remember to keep my phone on me, and I get paid! So far I’ve only had two phone calls. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.