True Community

I’ve mentioned before that Jesse and I are a part of a Bible study group that meets weekly, Monday nights. They are a great group of Christ followers that are all in our age group and enjoy fellowship and learning together. We just finished up our study on the book of Hebrews.

We look forward to group night when we get a chance to catch up with them and just hang out. That’s why we were disappointed when another obligation came up for Monday nights. We thought long and hard about what we should do since we were so committed to the group. We finally decided that since it is only temporary, it was important enough that we would ask/tell our group that we would not be able to attend for a few weeks.

GroupAlmost without thinking, they unanimously decided that group should switch to another night so that we would still be able to attend. We are so thankful that the rest of the group was so willing to rearrange their busy schedules to accommodate us. So, last night was our first Tuesday night group.

In the year before joining our current group, we had been trying out several different churches closer to our new house. They each had similar groups, but people just weren’t very committed to coming each week and we really weren’t learning anything new. I’m so glad that we finally decided that it was worth the extra drive to return to our old church. It was our first Sunday back that we were invited to try out this group, and we’ve been plugged in since then.

The only thing is that we are so confused about what day it is now. We’ve been meeting so long on Mondays, we didn’t know what we were supposed to be doing today. We can deal with that though. 🙂