Those People

It would seem as though we have officially become “those people!” The ones with the loud/screaming kid walking around the store while everyone is trying to shop quietly. Yesterday I joined the club.

I took A to Walmart with me to buy some new outfits for him and a few other things we needed to pick up. I thought I had picked the best time of the day for an outing. It was right after lunch with plenty of time before nap time. He started out happy and talkative, saying hi to everyone we passed… like he normally does.

I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden he was in tears for no reason. Maybe he saw something he wanted that I didn’t see? After that meltdown was over we continued on nicely again for some time. He would hold things that I picked up that we needed to buy and drop them in the cart when he was finished with them. Then we came to a bucket of sand toys we were buying for him… only it was to big for him to hold while in the cart. This started meltdown number two. He did so great at the grocery store the other day, but maybe Walmart items are just too exciting to shop for when he’s with me.

For the most part no one seemed to pay much attention to us… until we got to the checkout. The customer in front of me turned around and kindly let me know that A seemed unhappy and might be tired. REALLY?? Thanks so much, I hadn’t noticed that! She was an older, grandmotherly type lady. I’m sure she meant well, but I’m not sure what made her think she need to let me know her thoughts.

The whole shopping trip was only an hour, maybe. But with how much effort it takes it sure felt like a lot longer. Anyone have any shopping tips to share, or should I just make trips like that when I can go solo?