The Year of Allergies

I realized that one year ago today was when I went in for my allergy testing and this crazy journey first began. I still remember how it felt like my life would never be normal again. After a year of allergy-free living, I can finally say that I do feel normal again and that it was worth the trouble.

The actual testing experience is something that I hope I never have to experience again, it was no fun at all. My results got me signed up for allergy shots as a therapy, which completely overwhelmed my immune system and were soon discontinued.

Allergy test

The most surprising and helpful solution is the diet changes that I’ve made. When I started the caveman diet I thought it was temporary… until I saw how much better eating that way made me feel. As I result of the diet, I’ve had to learn a whole new way cooking. I now have to make everything from scratch and I love it! No one needs all those chemicals and such added to their food anyways.

Lemon juiceSquash layer

This year we’ve been quite adventurous with our food choices, trying new meats and fish that neither of us had ever eaten before. I’ve also been forced to figure out how to buy, prepare, and eat many new vegetables that I used to walk right past in the grocery store.

Butternut squash

Substitutions has been the name of the game around our kitchen. I’m always testing recipes to see what I can eliminate or replace. Now that I’ve discovered so many alternative grains and sweets, I’m convinced that I’ll never go back to the way we were eating before.

New foods

Even though we have tried to make the best of my diagnosis, it hasn’t been easy. When we first started buying all these new foods to try our grocery bill was through the roof. It has taken a lot of time and energy to keep our grocery budget under control. It’s been hard on my body too. A complete and instant diet change freaked out my metabolism. Without trying I lost a lot of pounds very quickly leaving many people thinking there was something wrong with me even though I was constantly eating. Now I think my body has adjusted and I’ve leveled out a little. I’m much smaller than I used to be, but I’m happy where I’m at now.

Looking back, I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to get this allergy stuff figured out. I remember having constant headaches and stomach pains. I remember feeling so nauseated that I often spent hours in bed each evening, too sick to do anything else. I’m glad what was wrong with me was so fixable. I can’t believe how allergy-free I have felt through this spring and summer! The seasonal, outdoor allergies still bother me too, but not as much as the foods did.

All the extra work in eating meals and avoiding foods is nothing compared to feeling so much healthier than I used to. It truly is not hard to say no to foods that I know will make me feel sick. My allergy-free life rocks!