The Need for Community

Jesse and I have been full of emotions the last couple of days relating to our foster care journey. We have been everywhere from super excited to crazy scared. My mind is constantly running with things we need to buy and questions we need to ask. I guess there is really no way of knowing what it will be like until we get our first placement. We are at the point now that we feel so close, yet still so far away.

It’s been a full year now since we first started getting these ideas of becoming foster parents in our heads. Last January we finally decided to jump in with both feet and start figuring out what was required to do something like this. We quickly realized that we were all of a sudden in over our heads. Having just left my job to work with Jesse, we were already navigating as much change as we could handle for the moment. Even though we decided that we needed to stick with the class we had started, we knew that we were not ready to have a child in our home right away.

We’ve come a long way since last January. We are confident (yet still a little scared) that we can do this. We are so much more financially stable than we were at this time last year and we’ve now managed to settle into a work routine that agrees with both of us.

It’s a little unfair of us to expect our licensing people to all of sudden start working at lightning-speed to finish up our process, after we’ve been taking our time getting ready for them. But that’s exactly what we want to happen!

All of this to say that we think it’s time we start attending the foster care support group. This area of our lives comes with such a specific set of needs and emotions that we are starting to realize that most people can’t really relate to. We’ve been invited to go before, but felt weird going knowing that we were no where near actually being foster parents. Now that it’s getting closer… I think we could really benefit from meeting some friends that have been where we are. It’s a little scary to put ourselves “out there,” but I think that it could be really awesome too!