The Best Rays Baseball Game

It had been a couple of years since my last Tampa Bay Rays game. We sure picked a fantastic one to go to. It was by far the most exciting baseball game I’ve been to… ever!!

Our friends from the Czech Republic are still in town and they were very much looking forward to attending their first baseball game. They were impressed by how big the stadium is and we had some pretty great seats.

The boys

Andrew explaining the game to Milan during warm ups

We had a whole group from church who were excited to enjoy a fun evening at the game.

Neuzil family

Andrew and Jose with the Neuzil family


Ashley, Jesse, and Me

Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom (with Ron, Ardell, and Kenna phone-ing in the background)

Rays game

The Rays game

We had a field-runner near the end of the game. He was pretty fast, he was so close to jumping the back wall before they caught him. It was extra funny because we were joking with the Czechs earlier that they should try running across the field because that’s what Americans do. We didn’t think it would actually happen. I don’t think I’ve seen that in person before. It’s hard to see, he is right in the middle of the picture climbing over the white sign on the back wall.


The runner made it half way over the back wall

It was the best game ending we could have wished for. The Rays were down 7-3 at the bottom of the 9th inning and the stands had pretty much emptied by that point in the game. They had a couple of exciting hits to make for a close game. Then a big hit sent a guy home to tie the game, but the third base man missed the catch sending the guy to run home. It was a close call at home plate… we won! We were all jumping up and down cheering while the team rushed on to the field to pile on the guy who scored. How’s my game reporting skills, think I could get a job as a radio announcer?

Exciting finish

The team rushed the field after the game winning score!

Cheering crowd

The whole crowd was on their feet

Fun game

Ron and Ardell cheering next to my parents

Needless to say, our guests enjoyed the game as much as the rest of us. I think we may have created a few new baseball fans.