Thankful Thursday – Printing and Peanut Butter

It can be very easy to think about things that you want that you don’t have. But how about taking time to be thankful for the many things that we do have? Thanks for the reminder Ronnie and Mandi. On this thankful Thursday, here’s a few things I’m thankful for:


1. I love our ability to have flexible schedules. Of course, Jesse still has deadlines to meet and sites to deliver on time, however we enjoy being able to break up the day now and then. We are so lucky to be able to step away from the computer when we need to, take a little TV or snack break, and then continue on with our day. Being able to be comfy at home sure makes the stress of a busy week easier to handle.

2. I love our new printer. We had been without one for a while, until this week. We realized that we were spending too much on ink for the old one which would stop printing when it decided the ink had expired even if the cartridge was still mostly full. We finally moved on to a better printer, and I don’t think we realized how many things we were holding off on printing. Let’s just say we’ve tested it out quite a bit already.

3. I love Skippy natural peanut butter. The cheaper store brand peanut butter we always used to buy contains soy, so I stopped eating it when I was diagnosed with food allergies. I guess I didn’t read the other brands’ labels well enough to realize that there were plenty of choices without soy. It’s a little more expensive, but SO tasty. I guess I had forgotten how yummy peanut butter is.

Big or small, what are you thankful for right now?