So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It

The other suggestion Dr. Nofsinger had was to try the Caveman Diet (also Paleolithic of Paleo diet). I tested allergic to all of the food categories they tried. The purpose of the Caveman Diet would be to see which food is causing me the most problems. The diet would consist of eating only fruits, vegetables, and meats. Everything must be fresh or frozen and nothing can be canned. I can’t have anything containing milk, wheat, soy, egg, or corn. I think this eliminates almost all of our normal meals. Caveman and womanAs hard as the diet will be, she said that if I find the food that is bothering me it will make such a difference that wont miss the food anymore.

I will be on the Caveman Diet for at least seven days (preferably fourteen days if I haven’t starved by then). This time period allows time for traces of the food offenders to be cleansed from my system. After that I will gradually add the foods back one at a time and track any symptoms that result. For three days in a row you eat the purest form of each food. If I’m fine, I keep that food while I add the next one. If I’m not fine, I can quit that food and try the next food.

I think the hardest part will be that Jesse can’t really do this diet with me. I’m not really sure how we will handle the meals that we eat together, as this is obviously not a Fatboy diet. I started looking up some recipes on the internet, and seriously… do these even count as a meal? Roasted carrots with a whole onion, that shouldn’t be a suggestion. Anybody have some good recipes that would be allowed on this diet? I would really appreciate them.

The other thing the doctor suggested was things to reduce and eliminate dust from my environment. One of the tips included plastic encases for my pillows, comforter, and mattress (cozy, huh?). Another was to replace all of our carpet with wood or tile floor (um, who would pay for that?) I don’t think we will be going that far yet. We’ll wait and see how the diet and shots go first.

By the way, if you’re interested we googled what the doctor called my response yesterday. It was a vasovagal attack.