Rules Are Made to be Broken

There has always been this “rule” in our house.  It started from the time I was young, living with my parents and now it’s become my rule.  No Christmas before Thanksgiving!  It’s really not that it’s that bad to decorate before Thanksgiving, but I just don’t like when Thanksgiving gets overlooked.  People go straight from Halloween to Christmas.  They forget all about Thanksgiving!

I promise I wont forget Thanksgiving, but for whatever reason this year I couldn’t wait to decorate for Christmas.  Besides, I’m only one week early.

Christmas storage binsMess

I was very busy today turning our house from fall to Christmas.  The house feels so cozy with Christmas decorations.

TreeFinished roomKitchen

My nativity is my favorite part of my Christmas decorations. I really like this nativity. I got all the basic pieces as a Christmas gift years ago, and then I’ve added a few extra pieces through the years.


We are also very excited that Jesse’s parents will get to be with us for Christmas this year. I realized while I was decorating that they come in exactly one month!