As you can see I scored very high on everything! The things that are crossed off are things that I was not tested for, not that I wasn’t allergic to them. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with how bad I was feeling, but I didn’t think I would be so severe on everything. The one thing I was fine on was baker’s yeast. Unbelievable!

I had my first shots today. I thought it would be one big shot, but I was four small ones. Ouch! Then I have to stay there every time for thirty minutes to make sure I don’t have any bad reactions. I had slight vasovagal reaction again. I got very nauseated, sweaty, light-headed, and spotty vision. But at least I didn’t black out this time. I told the doctor I couldn’t understand why this is happening, I’m not afraid of needles. She said it just happens to some people and there was nothing I could do to control it. She also said that, unfortunately, since it happened the first time it would likely happen every time for a while.

I also talked to her about still having rash and stomach issues even though I was doing the caveman diet. Since my worst night was when I made chicken soup, she suggested I cut out chicken for a couple of days in case I’m allergic to chicken. By the way… guess what we were planning on having for dinner tonight? But my hero made a special trip to pick up steak instead. Every time I go to her, I come home with more food I can’t eat! 🙁 She also wants me to keep a food diary to be able to see a pattern of what symptoms are going with what foods. “Dear diary, tonight I ate stir fry… steak with peppers and onions.”

The great news was that she prescribed me another medicine to take before I eat a meal that I know I will be allergic to. I’m not planning on using it often, but I can take it if we out to a restaurant, to a friend’s for dinner, or for THANKSGIVING! I was getting worried that I would never be able to enjoy my favorite foods anymore. Now it wont be impossible to eat with other people. Yay!