Rainy Day Project

Rainy dayThis is what the weather has been like ALL weekend.  So much for thinking about the beach or pool.  That obviously wasn’t happening.  Since the weather was so gloomy we ended up deciding not to go out to see fireworks last night, especially because I wasn’t feeling well all day.  So instead, we stayed in and watched a movie.  However at some points it became hard to hear the movie with the neighbors making so much noise shooting off their own fireworks.  Well, if you can’t beat ’em… join ’em!  We sat out in out patio for a while and enjoyed their show.  I have to say, they were pretty good for a home show.  They went off fast and there were a lot of them.  They must have spent quite a bit on those.  We benefited from some of the fun with none of the expense, and we were glad we did get to see some fireworks.

Broken picture frameIn other news, Jesse had a little accident on the stairs last week.  I was sitting on the couch downstairs, and all of a sudden I hear boom, boom, boom, CRASH!  I jumped up thinking he fell down the stairs and broke the table at the bottom of the stairs.  What actually did happen was that he knocked a picture frame off the wall.  It tumbled down the stairs scratching the paint off the wall before shattering on the downstairs tile.  I’m not sure exactly how that could happen.  He says there wasn’t enough room on the stairway with the pictures sticking out.  What?  I’ve never had that problem.  I actually reacted quite calmly (somewhat unlike me in such a circumstance), partly because the accident turned out to be much less severe than what it sounded like and partly because this was only a $4 garage sale frame.

Anyway, a rainy day such as today seemed like a good opportunity to do something about the large empty space on the wall now.  I dug out a bunch of other garage sale finds to see if there could be a FREE solution.  Jesse had to help me with the arrangement of mix matched frames since my mind doesn’t do unsymmetrical very well.  He was willing since he caused the project in the first place.  We started out using paper to try out our layout.  This didn’t work so well because I couldn’t remember which paper represented which frame.  So Jesse just did it randomly, and I think it turned out great.  Now I just need to figure out which pictures will fill the frames.

Practice PicutresFinished pictures