Project: Lockup

Our household is deep into project mode these days. Almost every room is a disaster zone. It seems as though getting organized is requiring me to move EVERY single item we own. Some of our things are moving rooms, others are just being re-stacked to look neater. We’ve been working very hard, and I’m pleased with our progress so far.

Our first project was one that we had been meaning to do ever since we moved in… install closet shelving! We have this little closet under our stairway. It only has a half door so it’s kinda tricky to get some things in there, even though it has lots of space once you are inside.

Closet doorEmpty closet

One of the rules that we have to comply with for licensing is that all medications and household cleaning supplies have to be locked up. All of our CF friends can understand the difficulty of locking up all medications. We had them stashed everywhere they could fit – kitchen cabinets, entertainment center drawer, basket in the end table, upstairs hall closet. Now everything is in one location! It’s kind of a good thing that we never got around to this project sooner because we were able to arrange the shelves in a perfect pattern for this specific purpose.

MedicationsMedical bins

When the licensing agent came to our house for our first home study she said she would be bringing us a small lock box to hold our medications. I tried explaining to her that because Jesse has CF, that would not work since there is so much to store. I don’t think she understood because she said she would still bring it for us anyway. I did explain the closet plan before we did it and she said that would be fine too. The hardest part about keeping medications locked up is that Jesse isn’t even allowed to keep his enzymes out on the table. He’ll have to get used to making sure that not seeing them doesn’t make him forget to take them at every meal.

I drew out how I wanted the shelves to be and Jesse put them in to match the drawing. Didn’t he do a great job?!

Jesse installing shelvesJesse in actionShelf supportsFinished shelves

Then I got to fill my new shelves. The priority was to make sure that cleaning supplies from all the bathrooms and from under the kitchen sink were relocated. Then I needed to make sure that all our medical supplies could stay organized and easy to find. And… there was even leftover space for an extended pantry.

Full closetPrivate pharmacyMedical storageExtra pantry space

When I was finished stocking the closet I just had to sit and stare at how wonderfully organized everything is. Love it! Of course the final step will be to change out the closet door knob with one that has a lock, but for now we are just getting used to everything being kept in there.