Project: Garage Sale

We’re no strangers to garages sales, we love to find a good deal. But today was the first time we had been the ones sitting in the garage, getting rid of our “junk.”

It was a community garage sale that had been planned for a couple of months. When I cleaned out our old office I set anything sellable in a pile in the garage for today. We were up and outside early this morning with all of our stuff. Jesse helped by pricing items as I arranged them and he handled the cash most of the time.

Garage sale

We made $35! That’s less than I thought we would make, but we did manage to unload several of our space consuming items like our old television and monitor. The monitor was really old so we marked it as free instead of just throwing it away. A neighborhood kid thought he hit the jackpot when he saw a FREE price tag. I felt a little bad watching him and his friend carry it all the way home, but we didn’t have the heart to tell him he really should want it… he was so excited by it!

We also sold several books and some other odds and ends decorations. It’s funny that some of the things we almost put in the garbage sold right away, while there were some fabulous items leftover that I thought would sell for sure. I guess you can never tell what will become another man’s treasure.