Wedding: Ashley and David

What a fun and memorable day we had celebrating a second family wedding in the same month! My sister, Ashley, and her husband, David, had a picture perfect wedding day. We loved being a part of this day! Just a few (or a lot) pictures to share…


I had the idea to let A use my old camera to take pictures during the wedding. I knew Jesse would be taking pictures all night and figured A always loves to do whatever Jesse does. I had no idea just how entertained that would keep him… I guess I’m a genius. He was an adorable mini photographer!


Josh and I were the last ones down the isle before the bride. Without looking backwards, I could tell the exact moment when Ashley came into view by the look on David’s face. One of my favorite moments of the night!


And then the were married!


Look how pretty the colors and decor!


Aunt Cole and A getting warmed up for dancing…


The new couple!


I think it’s safe to say Mom and Dad enjoyed themselves!

IMG_0499IMG_0506IMG_05012014-06-20 18.38.42

And this guy let loose a little too…



A big congratulations again to the happy couple!!

Here Comes the Bride

The morning of my sister’s wedding was here! Ashley was out getting her hair and makeup done before meeting all of us bridesmaids at the hotel to get dressed. She arrived looking perfectly radiant.

2014-06-20 13.32.07

I’m so thankful for Ashley’s friend who did an amazing job on my hair! And helped with some last minute touchups for the bride.


Having some time to kill and nerves to calm, the girls had some fun getting warmed up for the dance floor.


Now for the beautiful dress…

IMG_9612IMG_9627IMG_96202014-06-20 15.30.35

The bride with the sisters…

2014-06-20 16.04.46

And with the best friends…

2014-06-20 16.05.56

The veil made the finishing touch.


And lastly the gorgeous bouquet…

2014-06-20 15.31.27

It was wedding time! The wedding coordinator came and got us and we all headed downstairs and down the isle. More photos to come soon!

Rehearsal Dinner: Ashley and David

Our family had just about regrouped from celebrating one wedding when it came time to set plans in motion for the next wedding. We were all so excited to take off to California to be a part of Ashley and David’s big day!

My first California morning was all about celebrating and pampering the bride-to-be. Ashley arrived at the hotel to pick up me and Nicole for our bachelorette afternoon. Without spoiling my bridal gift, I had tried to suggest how Ashley might want to dress so as to match my surprise. After a quick change for the bride we were off for our girls’ day!


Our first stop was getting beautified for the wedding day with manicures and pedicures. We met up with Ashley’s other bridesmaids and Ashley’s sister-in-law at the nail salon.

2014-06-19 10.52.462014-06-19 10.53.152014-06-19 11.31.082014-06-19 11.30.34

Then we were all off to a nice lunch in the cutest courtyard restaurant. I had a great time visiting and chatting with this group, what a fun time!

2014-06-19 13.06.312014-06-19 13.30.33

Meanwhile, Jesse and A had their own fun back at the hotel…


After our full morning it was time to get to the wedding rehearsal and dinner. The wedding planner at this venue was fantastic, loved her and her organization!


I was so pleased to be able to stand next to my sister as her matron of honor. I loved having the best view to watch their day!


Even when almost husband photobombs our sister picture…


Dinner was at a neat Italian restaurant and David’s mom did a great job of putting it together. She was so thoughtful and had a new book to keep A occupied while everyone mingled. A was a huge fan of having two desserts that night! I loved what David’s mom had to say to the two as them as we all prepared for their marriage.

2014-06-19 20.58.292014-06-19 20.59.14

After a great day and night, these two were more than ready for tomorrow to come!