The Tuesday Before Vacation Week

Road trip snacksA couple of random things…

Vacation is almost here!  YAY!  We leave on Saturday, but this weekend sure is taking forever to get here.  At least we are now very well stocked with plenty of snacks for the road.  Ever since I was a kid we always got to have lots of junk food on road trips as a treat.  When you’re driving all day there really isn’t much else to do other than enjoy the snacks.

Then we did our big Sam’s Club run too.  We own the vending machine at my work and drinks go fast this time of year, so we wanted to make sure it was all the way full before we leave.

Drinks for our coke machineIn other news… we found a scorpion in the bathroom.  Never seen one of those before!  Jesse didn’t believe me when I told him what he need to come kill this time.  With the extremely hot weather the last couple of weeks, we have had a few too many critters finding their way into the house.  So, Jesse decided it was time to call pest control.  The first thing Jesse wanted to explain to the guy was that we don’t normally have this much junk food sitting out around the house.  That isn’t the reason for the bug problem!  The guy just laughed at that.

Lastly, my car radio is working again.  It started getting fuzzier and fuzzier until finally I couldn’t listen to anything but static on it anymore.  It has been that way for a couple months now.  Then yesterday when I was switching CDs I realized I could hear talking.  And now it’s back to being perfectly clear.  It’s a nice change to listen to the radio again, and it got fixed all by itself.