No More Puzzle

I think the fact that we are excited about our freezer purchase officially makes us an old married couple. Jesse is especially enthusiastic about larger, long-term purchases. We’ve been talking about getting a second freezer for a long time now and we finally decided that now was the perfect time.

Jesse opening freezer

Our freezer/fridge in the kitchen was packed so full that it was like a giant puzzle to get out what you were looking for. It’s so frustrating to come home from the store and struggle to make everything fit. I’ve been known to shove everything in and close the door fast before anything falls out.

New freezer

Having the extra freezer space will definitely save us money by allowing me to buy extra when stuff is on sale. I’m now very price conscious on everything I buy and I hope that this storage space will allow me to never spend over my set price on an item. Every so often Sweetbay will have whole chickens for $0.79/pound, so I’d like to only buy them at that price. I just need to learn how long things will keep so that I don’t overbuy. The other things I’d like to stock up on are the steam-in-the-bag veggies when they are $1.00, and the frozen lasagnas for Jesse’s lunches when they go on sale.

Inside freezer

Right now there is lots of room to spare as we slowly stock up as sales come, but I love that I can easily see everything without digging and freezing my fingers off. I love my new freezer!

Filled freezer