New Camera Lens

Jesse bought a new lens for the camera with his birthday/Christmas money. Pause… I just tried to have Jesse explain to me the difference between the old and new lens. I don’t really understand except that it’s “better.” I’m still learning about how to make use of all the fancy features this new camera has. I’m still a beginner. However, Jesse has been practicing with it constantly! It’s like the paparazzi has moved into our house.

Me in kitchen

Can you tell how much I love having my picture taken so often? Although, if it wasn’t for so much practice we wouldn’t have captured some wonderful memories… like me eating celery and playing cards. So glad to have these photos!

Celery with cranberry sauceEating celeryFull mouthFull mouth 2Game faceGame face 2Game face 3Card gameHappy face

Hopefully you picked up on my sarcasm. I am enjoying the new lens too. Did you notice how well it focuses while the background stays blurry? Bokeh is our favorite technique right now, we use it all the time.