My Last Supper

I’m all set to start the new diet tomorrow. We bought tons of fresh fruit. It’s kinda nice actually, we usually don’t buy too much because I forget that it’s there and then it goes bad too fast. I chopped up lots of pineapple and watermelon to go with breakfast in the morning. I’m actually looking forward to how healthy I will be. I think we eat fairly healthy, but I hardly ever come home from the grocery store with no snacks or canned and boxed foods. We’ll see if I feel the same way in a couple days when I feel like having my normal muffins for breakfast and cookies with lunch.

So, before tomorrow we had to finish up all the foods that I wont be able to have for a while. It’s funny because I know that if I do have these food allergies then I’m only making myself worse. But it was worth it! And I had already planned on making these this week before I knew about the diet. We squeezed in baked spaghetti (containing all six of the foods I’m supposedly allergic to) and salmon with rice, corn, and milk. Won’t be seeing any of those for a while.
Baked spaghettiSalmon dinner