Sleepy Mind Games

SleepingWhy is it that I can never sleep in on a Saturday??

Every week day the alarm goes off at 5 am.  I’m always so tired that I just hit snooze and go right back to sleep until I am rudely awakened 7 minutes later.  This week, with the new allergy medicine making me so tired, I did this sometimes several times per day.  Finally I would force myself to get up, go downstairs, and get on the computer until my brain was alive enough to make myself toast for breakfast.  So, I was really looking forward to today for catching up on some much needed sleep.

However, today I was wide awake at 4:50!  NO!!  I stayed in bed for quite a while telling myself “Go back to sleep, go back to sleep.”  No luck.  I was up baking muffins for breakfast and making plans for the day.  If only my mind would work with me instead of against me.