Bulk milletMillet is another one of my new allergy friendly snacks. I never would have thought to try it if a friend hadn’t recommended it to me. According to my limited (Wikipedia) research, millet has very similar nutritional value to wheat and is a much more common food in other parts of the world. Since it’s gluten free it’s a regular ingredient in many of new my new snack foods, but I like to eat it plain as well.

I buy millet at my favorite health food store, Nutrition S’Mart. It comes packaged or we like to buy it in bulk since it’s much cheaper that way.

Preparation is very similar to the way you would make oatmeal. The millet first has to be rinsed and then boiled in water. I measure out one cup of water and 1/3 cup of dry millet. The millet is brought to a boil and then cooked at a lower temperature until all the water has been absorbed.

Rinsed millet

I’ve found that the best way to eat it is with lots of brown sugar sprinkled on top. It’s a filling snack and is super satisfying when you are in need of something sweet.

Millet cereal