Make up Your Mind

Jesse has been so, so supportive of all of my new diet requirements. However, I just have to make fun of him a little bit for how quickly he can change his mind about what foods he likes. This weekend it was pineapple. I had just cut up a whole pineapple for us to have with breakfasts.

When we were at the store the next day he said, “Can we buy another pineapple, so that it will be ripe and ready for when this one is gone? I love pineapple.”

PineappleSo we did and I cut up the next pineapple yesterday. Then this morning he didn’t take any and I told he had to have some or else it would go bad before we could finish it.

He said, “Pineapple just really isn’t my thing…”

This is very annoying because he does this all the time! When we go shopping together, he is always wanting to try new things. I’m all for it… as long as he eats it. The problem is that he will often change his mind about liking something before it’s gone. So, I try to talk him out of wanting to try new things as we walk down the isles at the grocery store.

Also in our pantry right now is a bag of mini bagels (which he was going to love with cream cheese), bags of almost stale chips (because he always loves chips), a humongous unopened jar of jalapeños from Sams (because he was going to go through them so fast now), and a few other items.  I wouldn’t be so bad if it was things I could eat, but I can’t have any of these things anymore… so they just sit there.  Maybe he will change his mind back soon?