LemishineWe are completely thrilled with our new dishwashing discovery, Lemishine. We thought that our dishes were getting all grimey and gross because of something in our water, but it was just our dish soap. Apparently in an effort to be more “green” many states have banned phosphates from all dish detergents. After a friend suggested we try Lemishine, we did some research and found that phosphates not only clean off food and grease from dishes but also prevent debris from getting reattached later during the wash. After using phosphate free soap for a while, the build up was getting worse and worse. Yuck!

We had resorted to hand washing all of our good serving dishes when they used to go in the dishwasher. We would also rewash glasses when we would have company because the glasses looked so bad. After just one wash our dishes were honestly just as shiny as when they were brand new!


Here is our glasses before and after. I’d say the results are just as advertised on the package… definitely worth every penny!