Just Our Luck

Dead car

Just what we needed today, right? This is what happened when we stopped for gas this morning. Luckily there was a couple willing to help us as soon as they finished filling their gas. And they even had jumper cables, because I had never put ours in my new car. Then we headed over to the auto store to find out which part was dead. The good news was that all we needed to do was get a new battery, so it could have been worse. Just another hundred bucks out the door.

Since we had now missed church we decided to go ahead and do our Sams shopping. They, of course, were out of the one thing we really needed. Then when we finished shopping, we got all the way to our next stop before realizing that we had left stuff in the cart. So, I got out to do our next errand while Jesse drove back to retrieve our forgotten item. I’m not sure if we should leave the house anymore today… what else will go wrong?

Just one of those days!!