I Outrun CF

Yesterday Jesse and I participated in the Outrun CF Virtual Race.  Hundreds of people across the country signed up.  Everyone mapped out their own course near their house.  It’s so neat to think that so many of our CF friends were participating in this cause at the same time.  Check out the Outrun CF facebook page to see how others ran their race.

Outrun CF

How did we outrun CF?  Well, we actually walked.  Jesse has a nasty sinus infection that is slowing him down a bit lately and I wasn’t feeling too great myself so we determined that running wasn’t the best idea for us.  But we still wanted to be in on the action.  We put on our running shoes and did a lap around our neighborhood.  That’s what was so great about this race, no expectations about how far or fast you needed to go.  Everyone participated to the ability that they were able to prove that CF was not standing in the way of what they wanted to do.  We are definitely looking forward to future races where we can push ourselves a little harder.