Happy Mother’s Day


At age 4, we think: Mom knows everything!

At 8: Mom knows a lot!

At 12: Mom doesn’t really know everything.

At 14: Mom doesn’t know anything.

At 16: Mom doesn’t exist!

At 18: Mom’s old fashioned.

At 25: Maybe Mom does know about this!

At 35: Before we decide let’s ask Mom.

At 45: I wonder…what Mom thinks about this?

At 75: I wish I could ask mom about this.

So, I seem to be right on schedule for how much I think Mom knows.  Lately, I’ve realized silly things like washing and reusing freezer bags does make sense.  We always teased her that they were supposed to be thrown away.  Turns out that I can save a lot of money by using them several times.  Who knew?  I’m still not washing the plastic cups though!

Mom, thanks for teaching us so many things!  Thanks for making a million school lunches and helping with tons of school projects.  Thanks for planning fun things and driving us everywhere we needed to go.  Thanks for being there and loving us! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I wanted to find some great Mom pictures to post, but there never are too many pictures of Mom.  I guess she’s still always taking the pictures.  We’ll have to work on that.  So I went back to my most favorite pictures:

Mom and me 1Mom and me 2Mom and me 3

And… a Happy Mother’s Day a second mother, without whom I wouldn’t have the same life I have today. Thanks for raising Jesse to be the man he has become. Happy Mother’s Day, Mildred!

Jesse and Mildred 1Jesse and Mildred 2