Green Bean Canning Lesson

Today I had the chance to help Grandma can some green beans. I realize this may sound like a chore to some people, but it’s exciting when I’ve never done it before. Danny and Linda brought us over a whole bucket full to work on.

Bucket of beans

Frist we snapped off the end and snapped them into smaller pieces. I definitely snacked on a few raw ones in the process.

Snapping beans

We’ve had a couple different varieties of beans this week, but I think theirs were the best. I’m not sure how to explain the taste… maybe sweeter or just green bean-ier. They sure were good. I’ll have to find out what kind they are and see if we can get them at home. Or maybe they’re just extra good because they’re so fresh.

Grandma and me snapping beans

Washing beans

First, Grandma washed the beans

Filling cans

I drained and filled the cans

Can of beansMe canning

Salt in cans

A little salt was added to each can

Water in cans

Each can was filled with water

Boiled lids

The lids soaked in boiling water while the cans were being filled

Lids on jars

Each can got a hot lid

Tightening cans

Each can was tightened and secured

I had assumed that we would use the same method of canning we had used for tomatoes, but I was wrong and we did it a little differently. The huge pressure cooker came up from the basement for the most important step. That was interesting. I’ve never used one of those before either.

Pressure cooker

The big pressure cooker on the stove

Pressure cooker guage

We payed close attention to the gauge while the beans cooked

Can in pressure cooker

A little water and all the cans were added to the pressure cooker

Grandma taking cans out

The beans were ready to come out about half an hour later

Finished cans

Our finished cans!

That was a fun experience. I’m glad I was able to help can something while we were here.