Garbage In, Garbage Out

It’s Sunday night, right before the big game is about to start.  I am busy in the kitchen cooking food for hungry football watchers.  Jesse so kindly offers if there is anything he can do to help out.  I accept his offer and give him the task of peeling the potatoes for soup and go back to my other recipe.

All is going well until he decides to shove a huge mound of potato peelings down the garbage disposal.  When I notice what he is attempting to do, I suggest that it would be much better if most of the peelings get put in the trash instead.  Jesse thought this was a ridiculous suggestion and proceeded to shove everything down the sink, run the disposal, and then return to the pre-game show.

A couple minutes later, I try to use the sink to wash my next veggies and nothing is draining.  Jesse tells me that he is SURE that this is a coincidence and that it has nothing to do with the potatoes.  Seriously?!

Jesse working on pipes

What a perfect time for a small plumbing project!  Jesse gets out a bucket and starts taking taking apart the sink pipes while I step around him continuing to cook my food without use of the sink.

Jesse fixing drain

Luckily, the situation was quickly remedied.  The annoying part is that Jesse will not admit that I was right.  He insists that the garbage disposal should have been able to handle the potato, therefore, was not cause the problem.  However, I insist that the entire thing could have been avoided if he had put the stuff in the trash in the first place.

Thanks for your help, honey! <3