Family Time

We had a fun family time last night with Jesse’s parents, Jerry and Mildred. They are in town and staying with us this week. As long as I’ve known Jesse, his family has enjoyed pizza and movie night so it was fun to have that again last night.

The funny thing is that pizza used to be an easy meal to make for everyone. I thought it was quite funny that we had four people and we were making four different pizzas to suit everyone’s tastes and allergies. Mildred made her homemade pizza crust for herself and Jerry, half with regular tomato pizza sauce and half with a non-tomato pizza sauce while I made my new, special crust for myself and Jesse, since I can’t have her crust, with different amounts of cheese. (No pizza sharing allowed at our house!) Then we had to coordinate oven usage to cook the two different types of pizzas. All turned out great in the end as we had our fill of pizza while watching our netflix movie… Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

Their pizzaOur pizzas

After the movie was over we enjoyed snacks while playing Yahtzee. And I won the first game by awesomely scoring a double Yahtzee!