Cystic Fibrosis: Treatments

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month! Since I didn’t know anything about CF before I met Jesse, I’m taking some time to learn and share some information about CF.

Most CFers, including Jesse, have a pretty long list of medications that are necessary to stay healthy. We are very fortunate to have excellent medical insurance for Jesse that makes it possible for him to get all the latest treatments available. Many of these prescriptions would cost thousands each per month if it were not for insurance, but we only have to pay the co-pays!

The first treatments Jesse does each morning is a series of aerosols. These are the best type of treatments for cystic fibrosis because the medication is delivered right to the airways and lungs, which is where the problems are. The liquid medicine is poured into the cup on the aerosol head and then forced out through the mouthpiece as a vapor. Each morning he does Albuterol, Colistin, Pulmozyme, Cayston, and HyperSal. Luckily the technology in the new aerosol machine makes each of these only take a few minutes to complete.


The next treatment is the Vest. The vest machine is used to get rid of any gunky stuff that has become attached to the lungs. It straps on like a life jacket and then tubes attach to the front of jacket forcing air through. The percussion effect shakes and clears the lungs. Both aerosols and Vest are done twice each day.

Lastly, Jesse takes a variety of pills that help him get the necessary nutrients that are not absorbed properly from food. Jesse takes calcium, ADEKs (specially formulated vitamins for CFers), fish oil, bisacodyl, mephyton (vitamin K), vitamin D, acidophilus, omeprazole, and azithromycin. This is where I am able to help him with treatments. I actually kinda enjoy portioning out all the vitamins for the week on Saturdays. Plus I do my allergy pills at the same time, only my list is much shorter.


Thanks for taking the time to read and learn about cystic fibrosis this month! Don’t forget that we still have awareness bands available for purchase. If you haven’t bought yours yet it’s not too late… and they’re only $1!