Cultures Collide

We have had such a busy and exhausting week. A couple of midnight airport runs will really mess up your body clock. Half of my family (Mom, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend Nicole) just returned home from a mission trip to the Czech Republic. Our church has sent a team for several years to teach English and minister to the Czech people. We were excited to see them, but I think somehow staying up so late to greet everyone made us almost as tired as the ones who did the traveling.

My brother has had quite an adventure over the last month. While teaching English on last year’s Czech team he made good friends with one of his students, Milan. They planned all year to travel together this summer. Andrew went to the Czech Republic a couple of weeks early to stay at Milan’s house and travel around Europe before the rest of the Czech team arrived for the English camp. They got to see and do so many exciting things. After the English camp was over, Milan and his parents came home to stay with Andrew at my parents’ house and travel around the States. The four of them arrived just before midnight on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday (and early into Thursday) we waited to greet the rest of Czech team returning home.

It’s been fun to get to know Milan and his parents a little bit. They are super nice people. They have tried to teach us a couple of Czech words, but our Czech is no where near as good as their English. We even found the perfect opportunity to dig out the globe to find places they had visited and see just how far away from home they are. I think it’s kind of amazing to find similarities with people who live on the other side of the world!

Geography lessonGlobe

Last night we had quite an interesting and diverse group together. It was the first time I had really had the chance to spend time with Nicole’s family. They joined us for the slide show of Milan and Andrew’s travels. Her Puerto Rican family is a lot of fun and a lot different from our family. They enjoyed getting to know our Czech friends as well. I have to concentrate to understand Nicole’s dad with his accent, so I found it most impressive that Milan was able to understand him so easily. Milan and Andrew narrated their travels and Mom and Nicole chimed in for the parts they were there for.

Milan and AndrewSlide show audience

What a fun night! I am so tired after this week, I don’t think we’ll be doing anything tonight. Sounds like a good Netflix night.