Cold Turkey on Antihistamines

PillToday begins day one.  Day one of misery.  Day one of operation allergy testing.  The doctor’s office called me this afternoon to remind me to stop taking any and all medications containing antihistamines. 🙁

For the next seven days I have to give up my new, favorite medicine.  I’m not allowed to take the only medicine that has been able to take away my symptoms.  The doctor doesn’t want anything in my system to interfere with the results… or they want to see just how bad I can get before they make me better.  I did at least get a prescription for prednisone that should help some, and it was only $2.64.  Jesse got scared for second when the cashier told him the total, until he saw the decimal point.  When she said 264 she meant two dollars, sixty four cents.  That’s my cheapest one yet.

I’m not really being this negative about it, but I’m not looking forward to it either.  I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and tell myself that I will be fine.  I have to not think about it and just get through it.  I will make it through the week… I WILL make it through this week…