The Love of Thrift Shopping

For quite a while now my mom and especially my sister have really been into shopping for bargains at resale/consignment stores.  Me… not so much.  I always thought it was way more trouble than it was worth to find something I would like.  Turns out I had a little something to learn from my little sister. 🙂

They had recommended that I really needed to check out a consignment shop that they had recently discovered because it sold many clothes from stores I normally shop at.  So, Jesse I were on our way there when he surprised me by pulling off the road at another resale store that had just opened up near our house.  I was not very excited to think about looking for anything there, but I went along with it because it was a nice idea he had.  I was very surprised at some great finds.

New tops

Almost all of their tops were $4.07, each skirt was $4.57, and a pair of shorts for $3.77. You can barely tell that everything isn’t new, and you can’t beat the prices! Can you believe I got all these for $42?? I told my sister I was always shopping at resale shops from now on. That got me a fist pump and a YES!! She finally won me over. Why pay full price?

New skirts/shorts

Dinner Is Served, Husband Edition

I was driving home from work today thinking about how lucky I am to have such an awesome husband, especially since I was really hungry and really tired.

Since Jesse owns his own business, he works from home. One of my favorite things about him working at home, aside from the fact that he LOVES his job, is that most nights he cooks dinner!

Jesse cooking BBQJesse enjoys cooking, and I enjoy not having to cook when I come home from work.  He usually will plan his work day so that he is cooking while I am driving home, and then we can eat shortly after I get home.  Usually I cook on the weekends so that he gets a break.  And then I make a meal plan for the week so that he has everything we need and doesn’t have to figure out what to make.  I think we make a great team. 🙂

Super yummy BBQ chicken tonight, Jesse!

Creepy Crawley Critters

BugIt’s not really that I’m afraid of spiders, roaches, or other bugs…It’s just that I don’t want to see them, especially in my house.  So, obviously Jesse’s job is to save me from any critter that creeps into the house.

As I walked toward the kitchen tonight, I noticed a small, dark spot in the middle of one of the tiles.  I sneaked up on it to see what it was.  As soon as I got close enough, the tiny, little frog jumped right at me.  My reaction was, of course, to scream.  Jesse didn’t flinch.  He just asked “what is it this time?”  He then followed the froggy into the kitchen to catch him and put him outside.

That reminded me of my favorite bug story…

I was upstairs in the office, on the computer.  Jesse was downstairs watching TV.  I looked over and saw a spider crawling right beside me!  I’m laughing to myself just thinking about it.

I yell down to Jesse “spider, spider, spider!”

He yells back to me “are you serious?” (I thought he was implying that I didn’t need to be yelling about a spider)

I said “yes, I’m serious!”

Then I hear him RUNNING up the stairs… (very concerned about the spider)

I was totally confused when I saw him… with the fire extinguisher.

He said “where’s the fire?”

I couldn’t do anything but laugh.  And keep laughing.  He didn’t find it quite so funny a that moment.

He thought I had yelled “fire.”

I’ve learned my lesson.  No more yelling spider!