Enjoy Life Foods: Chewy Bars

I just love Enjoy Life Foods! As you can probably imagine, I was more than happy to sample their newly reformulated chewy bars. Enjoy Life Foods kindly sent me a box of each of their four tasty flavors of chewy bars. Before now I had only ever tried the very berry flavor, so I was eager to give the others a try.

Enjoy Life boxes

I wasn’t too surprised that I enjoyed each flavor since I enjoy all of their other products. I was a little surprised at how small of a portion they are… however, they are more filling than they look like they will be and did leave me feeling satisfied. I think the very berry is still my favorite, but it sure wouldn’t be too hard to talk me into having another one of the chocolate flavor.

Chewy bars

The thing about having food allergies is that there really isn’t such thing as convenience foods anymore. We never stop and pick up take-out on the way home like we used to, and most of my snacks consist of cutting up fruits and veggies. This isn’t so bad on days when I’m mostly at home, but it’s not so easy to manage when we’re on the go. Now I can have a quick and easy snack again. I stick one of these in my purse when I’m heading out to the store or pack one with my lunch when we’re going somewhere for the day. I could even see grabbing one for breakfast on a busy morning.

As always, I know I can trust this brand to be food allergy safe for me. All of their products are made in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility and are always free from the eight most common allergens. If you haven’t tasted Enjoy Life Foods‘ chewy bars yet, give them a try! Let me know which one you like the best.

Allergy Free Holiday Recipes: Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls is another favorite recipe that I have grown up having. It’s typically a part of our Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Day meals. The original recipe came from Canadian Living magazine, but as you will see we didn’t follow the recipe too closely. The best part is that these can be made ahead of time to avoid having to cook everything on the actual holiday. We made these up yesterday to put in the freezer until we are ready to bake them fresh for Christmas Eve.

Start by boiling a head of cabbage just long enough until the leaves tear off without breaking too much. We took the first half of the leaves off and had to boil a little longer to get the inside leaves off.


Once beef is cooked add chopped onions, red pepper, garlic and spices. Keep the mixture over medium heat until veggies are soft.

Peppers and onions

Then mix in cooked rice and cooked, chopped bacon. You could really add whatever you like to make the rolls to your taste.

Bacon and rice

Spread a little tomato sauce on the bottom of your baking dish to keep the rolls from sticking.

Sauce in pan

Place a spoonful of your meat mixture near the bottom of the cabbage leaf. Roll leaf, tucking in the sides and compacting filling as much as possible as you roll. I cut out the thickest, stem part of the leaf to make these easier to roll up.

Fill cabbage

Secure each roll with a toothpick at the end of the leaf.

Secure with toothpick

Place all your rolls snugly in your baking dish.

Filled pan

Cover rolls generously with the remaining tomato sauce. This keeps them from drying out during baking and makes them look prettier too.

Covered with sauce

Bake, covered at 350 for about an hour. If freezing first, allow to thaw in fridge before baking. Here’s the recipe we loosely followed, feel free to adapt it however like.



Nana’s Shortbread Cookies

My great grandmother’s shortbread cookies are a must-have Christmas treat. When we were kids we had so much fun getting to decorate these cookies with tons of icing and sprinkles. We cut shapes of snowmen, candy canes, and holly. So when I finally gave in and bought special, wheat-free flour this recipe was at the top of my list to try.

These cookies are SO good and the recipe is SO simple. As you can see this recipe card has been well used through the years.

Shortbread recipe

The jury is still out on the flour until I try it in a few more recipes. I’m using it very sparingly since the package of flour was so expensive. I only made half of the recipe, just to see how they turned out.

Namaste flour

The only thing I noticed was that it didn’t bind together as well as normal flour does. So I had to add a bit more butter than the recipe called for. This changed the taste of the cookies slightly, but they weren’t bad. Extra butter rarely makes things bad. 😉

Cookie mix

Since all I had was circle cookie cutters, I thought I could make the cookies look like tree ornaments. I decorated them with my soy-free chocolate chips before baking.


I sampled a few and the rest went into the freezer to savor throughout the season. Since I only made a few, I don’t plan on sharing! The rest of family will have to eat the ones made with normal flour. 🙂

Finished cookies

These are super easy and fun… give them a try! Enjoy!