Canning Beef – Family Style

I’ve helped Grandma Sipes can several different foods now. When we left here last time I said we would have to can meat next time, since we hadn’t done that yet. Sure enough, we were able to fit that into this trip. It was a family affair… we each took turns cutting beef and stuffing the cans, Grandma added salt and arranged the cans in the pressure cooker, Grandpa sharpened the knife periodically as it got dull, and Jesse was behind the camera documenting the process.Beef to canEmpty cansMildred cuttingMe filling cansGrandpa sharpeningMe cuttingMe cutting 2Jerry cuttingGrandma adding saltGrandma filling pressure cookerMe adding cansGrandma sealing pressure cooker

Fast forward about two hours…

Cooked beefGrandma emptying cookerGrandma emptying cooker 2Finished cans

The beef sure smelled good when it came out of the cooker! We had enough to make 18 cans, plus extra to put in the freezer. Grandpa and Grandma should get plenty of meals out of all that meat. Yay for more canning!