Books and Bathing Suits

BooksWe love Sunday afternoons.  We spent several hours today at Barnes & Noble.  We love to hang out in the big comfy chairs and read together.  Jesse picked up a few business books that he had been wanting to look at, and I read a few magazines and a book I brought from home.  Currently I’m reading Karen Kingsbury’s Firstborn Series: Family.  She is my favorite author, and I am making my way through all of her books.

We also enjoy watching the funny people that also hang out there.  Such as the woman in the corner that was completely passed out the entire time we were there.  Then there were the two old men sitting across from us who kept falling asleep, and one of the kept making funny throat noises.  And all the people who like to talk very loudly, like they don’t realize it’s quiet and that everyone can hear them.

Then, on a less relaxing note, we went bathing suit shopping… again.  I know it’s getting late in the year for bathing suit shopping, but there are no choices.  I have been looking for a while and still can’t find one.  I can’t just give up either because vacation is in two weeks, and the one I have now has gotten all stretched out.  So, I did end up getting one, but I’m not very happy with it.  But I figured it was better than nothing in case I don’t find another one before vacation.  We’ll see if I end up keeping it.