Blog Redesign

As you can see… we redesigned my blog!! What do you think? I love it. I’m so glad that I happen to be married to such an awesome web designer, otherwise I don’t think I could afford such a customized blog design.

The blog redesign was initially Jesse’s idea. Since my last design he has been to several design conferences and his design skills have improved greatly. He suggested that I really should think about making some changes to update the look of my blog. At first I said no because I hate change and I still liked the old design. Then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that some changes would really be an improvement.

Old blog design

Apparently, I happen to be one of Jesse’s more picky “clients.” But that’s only because I see all of the sites he has created so I know what he is capable of doing. I also know from experience that he can make my blog display just about anything that I’ve dreamed up in my head. While we were working he kept trying to tell me things couldn’t be done… but then he figured out how to do them. I’m helping him broaden his skills even more.

The main goal of the design was to create a much simpler look. We thought that there was just too much color that was drawing attention away from the actual content. Now I still have a cute, crafty, custom look that is less busy and easier to read. We’ve added a couple new features: the sidebar now has a few affiliate links and links to other sites I use and we added a shop button in the menu bar to share some of my favorite allergy-free snacks and treats!

I’m very happy with our finished product and hope you like it too! Thanks for making me a new site, Jesse!