Almost There

Sorry if you’re getting tired of hearing about all my allergy problems, but… it’s hard to concentrate on much else when it makes me feel so sick.  Hopefully I will be able to survive the last couple of days.

The doctor had predicted that my symptoms would be too hard to handle for the week without antihistamines.  I agreed with her, so I started taking the prednisone she gave me on the first day.  Everyone thought that would make it so much more bearable.  Turns out… I had a really bad reaction to the prednisone!  The last time I was on a similar steroid it was a much lower dose, so I hadn’t connected the dots on what was causing the problem.  This time, it was really obvious.  I felt sick shortly after taking it in the morning, and the nausea came and went throughout the day.  By the end of the day the pain and swelling in my legs and feet was so bad I could barely walk.  After an urgent call to the doctor, I had permission to take a couple doses of benadryl until the swelling and itchiness was gone.  Apparently prednisone can stay in your system up to 36 hours, so it took a while until I felt better.

The doctor was very surprised at my unusual reactions.  When I listed all my symptoms to her over the phone, she just kept saying “huh!”  Then I would continue and she would say “wow, that is very interesting.”  I guess most people are fine taking this drug?  That left me with nothing to take for this week.  Now I’m just back to having a stuffy head, and I can’t wait until this is over.Calendar

Wednesday morning I go for my testing.  They will poke me with all kinds of allergens and see what happens.  I’m just really hoping that my reactions will hold off long enough to complete the testing.  I do not want to do another week of cleaning my system of antihistamines to finish the tests.  Both my mom and my brother have had to have the same tests done.  Both of them had a bad enough reaction that the testing had to stop and an epipen was given.  I hope that doesn’t happen to me!