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Farm Favorites

Fall trees

We’ve had a nice visit here with Grandpa and Grandma Sipes. The farm is so peaceful and quiet, I think it’s almost impossible not to feel rested after spending any amount of time here. I sure do love being here each time we come. Even though we are ready to be back home, it’s always hard to leave. We plan to be on the road early tomorrow morning. In between packing up what we can today, I was looking through some of my favorite pictures from the last week.

Red leavesYellow woodsSoy beansDandilionLady bug on tirePear tree

Jesse has really enjoyed the few small projects he got to work on in the barn with his dad and his grandpa. Grandpa completely returns to his old self when he’s out there working with his hands.

Working on tractorJesse driving tractorGpa in barnGpa with tractor

Jesse has taken hundreds of amazing sunset pictures. Several nights this week he was out after dinner taking pictures of the sky.

SunsetsSunsetSunset 3

One of our most favorite meals is Grandma’s beef and noodles. We got to open up some of the beef we canned the day before for lunch yesterday. I brought my own noodles to make with my portion. We just couldn’t leave without having that meal.

Beef and noodles

Jesse earned his keep by doing one of his favorite chores: trash burning. I’m not sure it qualifies as a chore for him… he has too much fun doing it.

Jesse making fireJesse burning trash

It’s been below freezing when we wake up the last couple of mornings. Jesse got some pretty neat pictures of the frost covering the farm before the sun had a chance to warm things up.

Frost on grassFrost by the barnFrost on wind vane

Possibly my favorite picture of the week is one of Grandpa and Grandma. Jesse and I have plenty of great marriage examples to aspire to, but theirs is definitely at the top of the list as it is one of the longest. Jesse and I just have to giggle when all Grandpa has to do is look over at Grandma for her to know what he wants, and she’ll get up and get it for him. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been together as long as they have. They’re amazing!

Gpa and Gma in chairs

Canning Beef – Family Style

I’ve helped Grandma Sipes can several different foods now. When we left here last time I said we would have to can meat next time, since we hadn’t done that yet. Sure enough, we were able to fit that into this trip. It was a family affair… we each took turns cutting beef and stuffing the cans, Grandma added salt and arranged the cans in the pressure cooker, Grandpa sharpened the knife periodically as it got dull, and Jesse was behind the camera documenting the process.Beef to canEmpty cansMildred cuttingMe filling cansGrandpa sharpeningMe cuttingMe cutting 2Jerry cuttingGrandma adding saltGrandma filling pressure cookerMe adding cansGrandma sealing pressure cooker

Fast forward about two hours…

Cooked beefGrandma emptying cookerGrandma emptying cooker 2Finished cans

The beef sure smelled good when it came out of the cooker! We had enough to make 18 cans, plus extra to put in the freezer. Grandpa and Grandma should get plenty of meals out of all that meat. Yay for more canning!

Sunday Photo Shoot

We had some spare time after church this afternoon so we took the opportunity to have a some fun taking pictures of each other. The farm has an endless supply of excellent backgrounds for pictures. It gave us some more practice with the new camera too. We came up with quite a few shots that we liked.

Jesse with barnJesse against skyJesse with fieldJesse with treeJesse with tanksMe with bricksMe with barnMe with barn closeupMe hanging out of corn cribMe jumpingMe runningMe leaning on treeMe leaning on tree with barnMe with tree closeup

Other than our camera practice we had a very restful Sunday, hope you had a good Sunday too!