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The Tuesday Before Vacation Week

Road trip snacksA couple of random things…

Vacation is almost here!  YAY!  We leave on Saturday, but this weekend sure is taking forever to get here.  At least we are now very well stocked with plenty of snacks for the road.  Ever since I was a kid we always got to have lots of junk food on road trips as a treat.  When you’re driving all day there really isn’t much else to do other than enjoy the snacks.

Then we did our big Sam’s Club run too.  We own the vending machine at my work and drinks go fast this time of year, so we wanted to make sure it was all the way full before we leave.

Drinks for our coke machineIn other news… we found a scorpion in the bathroom.  Never seen one of those before!  Jesse didn’t believe me when I told him what he need to come kill this time.  With the extremely hot weather the last couple of weeks, we have had a few too many critters finding their way into the house.  So, Jesse decided it was time to call pest control.  The first thing Jesse wanted to explain to the guy was that we don’t normally have this much junk food sitting out around the house.  That isn’t the reason for the bug problem!  The guy just laughed at that.

Lastly, my car radio is working again.  It started getting fuzzier and fuzzier until finally I couldn’t listen to anything but static on it anymore.  It has been that way for a couple months now.  Then yesterday when I was switching CDs I realized I could hear talking.  And now it’s back to being perfectly clear.  It’s a nice change to listen to the radio again, and it got fixed all by itself.

Before and After: New Hair Salon

So, after much debate I decided to get my hair cut yesterday. I tried a new place right by my house because I got a $2 off coupon in the mail. The girl that did my hair was awesome! Even though I don’t feel the need to have my hair perfect at all times, nothing drives me crazier than when I can tell that the layers are not even. This girl was more of a perfectionist than I am. She spent forever making sure that everything was even. I told her several times that I really appreciated her taking that extra time. Especially since my last hair cut was not so good, and was quite a bit more expensive. This one was only $15.95 after the coupon. You can’t tell from the picture, but it is quite a bit shorter than before. Great deal! 🙂

Now we are all sitting around my parents living room waiting for it to be time to go to the airport to pick up my sister, Ashley, from the airport. She is home from grad school in California for the summer. Yay!!

Books and Bathing Suits

BooksWe love Sunday afternoons.  We spent several hours today at Barnes & Noble.  We love to hang out in the big comfy chairs and read together.  Jesse picked up a few business books that he had been wanting to look at, and I read a few magazines and a book I brought from home.  Currently I’m reading Karen Kingsbury’s Firstborn Series: Family.  She is my favorite author, and I am making my way through all of her books.

We also enjoy watching the funny people that also hang out there.  Such as the woman in the corner that was completely passed out the entire time we were there.  Then there were the two old men sitting across from us who kept falling asleep, and one of the kept making funny throat noises.  And all the people who like to talk very loudly, like they don’t realize it’s quiet and that everyone can hear them.

Then, on a less relaxing note, we went bathing suit shopping… again.  I know it’s getting late in the year for bathing suit shopping, but there are no choices.  I have been looking for a while and still can’t find one.  I can’t just give up either because vacation is in two weeks, and the one I have now has gotten all stretched out.  So, I did end up getting one, but I’m not very happy with it.  But I figured it was better than nothing in case I don’t find another one before vacation.  We’ll see if I end up keeping it.