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The Silver Lining

Last week Jesse had his annual CF clinic visit. For the most part, he got a great health report! His PFTs were down a couple points, but the doctors said that a small fluctuation like that was nothing to worry about. Jesse was also very encouraged to hear that his lungs sounded perfectly clear. He said it has been years since he hasn’t had “snap, crackle, and pop” when he takes a deep breath.

But the part that I found most interesting was the results of his blood work. One aspect of CF is that nutrients from food are not well absorbed by the body. This is part of the reason many CFers, like Jesse, struggle with weight gain. However, it seems that our recent switch to the caveman diet had an extremely positive outcome on the amounts of essential vitamins Jesse is absorbing. Not only are we both feeling so much better eating this way, but I think this is the first time in a long time that his blood levels for almost everything was in the normal range. How awesome is that? I guess eating healthy food does make you healthy. It’s nice to have proof that this is helping him to, since it SO much work!

Now we are half way through yet another busy weekend. The days fly by so quickly. Jesse has been super busy working so many hours on all the websites he needs to have done before Thanksgiving. But we’ve had a good weekend so far. We had my Mom over for dinner last night. We talked about food planning for our holiday meals and about how neither of us is allowed to eat these foods anymore. She has just found out that foods and other products high in nickel is what is giving her so many skin irritation problems. We went back and forth over whose food allergies were worse. In the end, we mostly decided not to change anything on our holiday menu and pay the consequences later. All those recipes are too yummy to miss out on! Jesse fell asleep on the couch, I guess he is tired of talking about allergies… don’t know why?

We did get a little break today though, between errands. We stopped by Village Fest for a while. It was just a little community event with food, music, and craft booths. We got to hear the church worship band play, which my brother is a part of.The Oakwood BandWatching the band

Then on the way out Jesse got a caricature done of himself, which turned out great. I had one done years ago, so no we both have one. Now we just need to get frames.CaricatureOur caricatures

Rules Are Made to be Broken

There has always been this “rule” in our house.  It started from the time I was young, living with my parents and now it’s become my rule.  No Christmas before Thanksgiving!  It’s really not that it’s that bad to decorate before Thanksgiving, but I just don’t like when Thanksgiving gets overlooked.  People go straight from Halloween to Christmas.  They forget all about Thanksgiving!

I promise I wont forget Thanksgiving, but for whatever reason this year I couldn’t wait to decorate for Christmas.  Besides, I’m only one week early.

Christmas storage binsMess

I was very busy today turning our house from fall to Christmas.  The house feels so cozy with Christmas decorations.

TreeFinished roomKitchen

My nativity is my favorite part of my Christmas decorations. I really like this nativity. I got all the basic pieces as a Christmas gift years ago, and then I’ve added a few extra pieces through the years.


We are also very excited that Jesse’s parents will get to be with us for Christmas this year. I realized while I was decorating that they come in exactly one month!

Baring It All: Losin’ It

You may have noticed, sadly, that Flash Me Friday has stopped.  I kinda miss doing them because it always gave me something to blog about on Fridays and it was fun to see what everyone’s houses looked like.  I’m so glad that my bloggy friend, Darcy, decided to continue the sharing, with her own twist.  So, she’s given the invitation to bare it all each week as she asks random questions about anything and everything.  Take a walk on The Wild Side and check out her blog!

BrainThis week she asked if anyone else has had an “I’m Losin’ It” moment…

For the last week or so I have been losin’ it big time.  I think it’s mostly because we have been so busy my mind is going in too many directions.  My allergy doctor also told me that confusion and memory loss can be allergy symptoms, but I’m not sure I can blame it all on that.  I just can’t fully concentrate on what I’m doing.

We’ve all had moments when we walk into a room and can’t remember why we were there, but this has been happening constantly.  It is most frustrating at work.  The accounting person asked for a report, I got it and instead of walking to her office (10 feet from me) I found myself out in the middle of factory.  What am I doing here?  Oh yeah, the reports!

At work I’m responsible for ordering all the supplies for the factory.  Lately, unless I am at my desk, writing it down when someone tells me they need something, I completely forget about it by the time I get back to my desk.  What the heck?!

The other night I made pork chops for dinner.  When we sat down I realized I didn’t have anything to cut with.  I asked Jesse to please get me some scissors for my pork.  He just smiled and asked if I was sure I wanted to use scissors.  Obviously I meant knife, but my brain isn’t working all the way.

It has been a super long week.  I can’t wait for the long Thanksgiving weekend coming up.  I SO need a break!