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Mind Over Matter?

I have very strong psychosomatic tendencies.  The medical dictionary describes psychosomatic as: of, relating to, involving, or concerned with bodily symptoms caused by mental or emotional disturbances.  Yep… that’s me!  I’m the kind of person that can watch those medical documentary shows, and then start feeling the same way as the sick people right away.  I can’t help it.  Once the idea is in my head there is no getting it out.

TimerThis is proving to be very problematic on allergy shot days.  The rule at the allergy clinic is that you must have your EpiPen with you to receive your shots.  There are so many warnings about what could possibly happen.  I know it’s unlikely, but it still freaks me out.  Here’s the thing… the second she gave me the shot, I could feel my throat closing.  Only it wasn’t because they check you to make sure you’re okay.  Then you have to stay in the waiting room for 30 minutes to make sure you stay okay before they send you home.

They also tell you to expect a worsening of allergy symptoms right after shots and the next day too.  I honestly can’t tell what is a reaction and what is my mind playing tricks on me.  I definitely know my breathing is tighter the day after because I feel completely out of breath today.  My neck feels swollen, but it doesn’t look swollen.  I’m itchy and very fatigued, but it’s too hard to tell if that is my environment, the shots, or just life.

When you go in for shots the nurse asks if you had any bad reactions from last week’s shots.  My honest answer is that I don’t think so… but I’m not entirely sure.  One time the doctor said I would know if I was experiencing a symptom.  But really, if you tell me I might experience something, chances are that I will.  No matter how much I try to distract myself or keep my mind off of it.  I think my breathing is worsening just by remembering this and writing it.

Anyone else get sicker just by over thinking their symptoms?

Movie Review: Like Dandelion Dust

Like Dandelion DustThis morning we went to see Like Dandelion Dust.  The movie was made from Karen Kingsbury’s book.  She is my favorite author!  I have read many of her books.  Once you start one, you cannot put it down.

The movie was scheduled to open a couple weeks ago, but the theater we found it at took it off their list right before the opening day.  The closest theater it is showing at is about a forty-five minute drive from our house.  But I had really been looking forward to seeing it for a while now, so it was worth the drive.

I really loved the book, so I had high expectations of what the movie would be like.  I think they did a really good job.  It had great actors and, of course, a great story line.  The only thing was you could tell it was a lower budget film.  But I’m still glad we saw it and would for sure recommend it to someone.  It was a good and wholesome family movie!

However, after you enjoy the movie, you definitely need to read the book for some of the details that the movie left out.  I have a full shelf of Karen Kingsbury books and I always look forward to starting the next one.Kingsbury

Lost Sale for T-Mobile

Phone caseAs you know, Jesse and I both got our new phones this weekend. And we both needed to get cases for them right away to keep them safe and in good condition. The problem came when I didn’t like any of the case choices at the Apple store. Sure, they would have served the purpose, but I wanted a cute one.  They didn’t have cute ones.  They only had plain black or clear cases.

So, when we left we headed over to Best Buy to check out their case choices.  They had a lot more selection, but still no cute ones.  I ended up picking the best one I could find even though it was plain black.  But then the Best Buy guy suggested we might want to check the kiosks at the mall because they often have more choices.

That sounded like a good idea, so we headed to the mall really quick since it is right across the street.  Now, usually the kiosk people are dying to “help” you.  They often call out to you as you are just walking through the mall.  They try to stop you and convince you to buy one of their phones.  “Hey you!  What kind of phone do you have?”  Well, we experienced quite the opposite from this T-Mobile girl.

Since I was just looking for a case that my phone could slide into we were checking out all the phone brands to find one I liked.  When we stopped at the T-Mobile kiosk, the girl seemed helpful enough at first.  She asked if she could help and what we were looking for.  Then she found out I wanted to put my iPhone in the case.  She rudely said, “These aren’t made for the iPhone, they are made for our phones.”  I understand that, but I think it will fit.  Nope… she quickly pushed us away telling us their cases wouldn’t work for me.  The thing is I had in my hand a case that looked like it would have worked for my phone just fine.  Nothing like talking your customers out of buying anything from you!

By the way, I ended up with an Eddie Bauer case from Best Buy.  And guess what??  It is made for “smart phones” in general, and is working out well.