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As you can see I scored very high on everything! The things that are crossed off are things that I was not tested for, not that I wasn’t allergic to them. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with how bad I was feeling, but I didn’t think I would be so severe on everything. The one thing I was fine on was baker’s yeast. Unbelievable!

I had my first shots today. I thought it would be one big shot, but I was four small ones. Ouch! Then I have to stay there every time for thirty minutes to make sure I don’t have any bad reactions. I had slight vasovagal reaction again. I got very nauseated, sweaty, light-headed, and spotty vision. But at least I didn’t black out this time. I told the doctor I couldn’t understand why this is happening, I’m not afraid of needles. She said it just happens to some people and there was nothing I could do to control it. She also said that, unfortunately, since it happened the first time it would likely happen every time for a while.

I also talked to her about still having rash and stomach issues even though I was doing the caveman diet. Since my worst night was when I made chicken soup, she suggested I cut out chicken for a couple of days in case I’m allergic to chicken. By the way… guess what we were planning on having for dinner tonight? But my hero made a special trip to pick up steak instead. Every time I go to her, I come home with more food I can’t eat! 🙁 She also wants me to keep a food diary to be able to see a pattern of what symptoms are going with what foods. “Dear diary, tonight I ate stir fry… steak with peppers and onions.”

The great news was that she prescribed me another medicine to take before I eat a meal that I know I will be allergic to. I’m not planning on using it often, but I can take it if we out to a restaurant, to a friend’s for dinner, or for THANKSGIVING! I was getting worried that I would never be able to enjoy my favorite foods anymore. Now it wont be impossible to eat with other people. Yay!

Crazy and Confusing

QuestionIt would appear that I am still eating something that I’m allergic to.  Even though I have eliminated so many food categories and all packaged foods, all of the issues are not gone.  I have still been getting an itchy throat and stomach pains off and on.  Not as often as it was happening before, but still there.

But something really bothered me last night.  I’m remembering everything I had and cannot figure out what the problem could be.  It was our turn to bring dinner for our Monday night Bible study.  I made chicken soup (from scratch, except for the chicken broth), a fruit salad, and rolls (which I did not have).  As soon as I had finished eating, my chest and arms were covered in rash and I have no idea what could have caused it.  I tried to ignore it, but then my throat started to get swollen.  I popped a benedryl right away to make sure it didn’t get any worse.  Needless to say, it was a little difficult to stay awake and concentrate on Bible study after that.

All I can think of is that there was cantaloupe in the fruit salad which sometimes gives me an itchy throat.  But cantaloupe is so good, and I only had three little pieces of it.  I used store bought chicken broth, but there was nothing in it that I should be allergic to.  We were eating off of paper plates and bowls, which apparently contain corn (who knew?).  But I don’t understand how any of that could possibly be enough to cause a problem that I’m still feeling today.  I have been eating my allergic foods my whole life and never noticed that anything was giving me a problem… what the heck?

I have an appointment tomorrow for my first allergy shots.  It will be interesting to see what the doctor says about me still having these issues on the limited diet I’m already on.  I feel like we wont ever be able to eat out anymore.  It is so hard to be careful enough to avoid everything.  How do people do this?

My Mad Skills

ApronI am an official chef!  Since I’ve been getting so much practice in the kitchen right now… I decided I needed to buy myself an apron. I thought it was cute and it was only $7 at Ross.

The only bad part about preparing everything fresh is how many more dishes we have to go through.  I thought we ran out fast before,  but I feel like I have to use so much just to cook a meal.  I might be a messy cook, but I’m not as messy as another cook in this house.


Speaking of my mad skills, I also practiced how to simmer a plastic cutting board. Jesse had been cutting chicken on the cutting board and I thought I had turned on the back burner. I walked back into the kitchen a minute later and wondered how my pot of water was steaming so quickly. Needless to say, it overpowered any pleasant cooking aromas from our dinner. Yikes!Cutting board