Menu Plan – Week of February 20

We have been unbelievably busy over the last couple of weeks. Each day flies by before I can realize that I didn’t have a chance to accomplish half of what I set out to do that day. This week looks like it will be more of the same. Hopefully we can keep up a little better.

We are happy to have an out-of-town friend stop by for dinner tonight. He let us know that he would be in town this week, and hoped we would be available to get together. We’re looking forward to catching up with him. Also, tomorrow night is my CF wives dinner! I’m so looking forward to spending another evening with these girls. Plus an out-of-town CF couple that we’re friends with happens to be in Florida right now, it’s awesome that it will work out for her to come along with us. Finally, Jesse has a rather unpleasant stomach acid test scheduled for the end of the week. It will be difficult for him to eat with the tubing down his throat so I let him choose what he thought would be easiest for him to eat on those days.

Here’s what I have planned for this week:

Monday: Sticky Chicken with steamed veggies

Tuesday: CF wives dinner at Olive Garden!!

Wednesday: Beef and vegetable stir fry over rice

Thursday: Leftover casserole

Friday: Cranberry pork roast with veggies